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Secondhand = Phil Lester`: Part 4

( Y/N P.O.V )

Lily and I were standing around in the Lush shop, looking at all the new products. ” So how are you and Josh? ” I smiled, she shrugged. ” He called me his girlfriend yesterday ” she said very casually, I smiled widely at her. ” Really? ” I exclaimed causing everyone in the shop to look at me, I smiled at them. ” Sorry ” I whispered, Lily chuckled ” Y/N, we’ve only been seeing each other for a few month’s “. I shrugged ” So, some people have gotten married after only knowing each other for a few weeks “,  she shook her head. ” So how are you and that guy you’ve been seeing…. Uh What’s his name?… Riley?… Rocko? ” she said tapping her finger on her chin, I rolled my eyes. ” Ryan ” I smiled,            ” Yeah, that’s it! ” she exclaimed picking up a bath bomb. ” We’re alright, it’s only been 3 weeks tho ” I sighed, ” Have you talked to Phil? ” she questioned. I shook my head, ” He’s Ignoring me now ” I stated.       ” Well maybe it’s because of Ryan ” she smirked, we finished paying for our things and then walked to H & M. ” But Why? Phil’s the one who set me up with him ” I exclaimed, ” Maybe he secretly hoped you wouldn’t like him, I know I don’t like him ” she sighed. Lily never had a problem with speaking her mind, whether it was hurtful or not. ” Lil, Ryan and I have a lot in common! ” I stated, ” Y/N, but you and Phil were meant to be! ” she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, ” Yeah well he’s got the perfect little relationship, I’m not gonna stand here and listen to this again Lily ” I sighed. ” Fine, just don’t complain when they get married! Because this is the time when you can tell him how you really feel, or you could lose him forever ” she stated, I nodded ” I’m not gonna tell him, because I know he doesn’t feel the same! “. She didn’t say anything else about it, we just continued shopping.

Lily and I took a taxi back to my place ( We were having a girls night in ), I hadn’t heard from Ryan all day. It was okay tho, there were days were we didn’t talk at all. When we walked in, I noticed that everything was out of place. Plants were knocked over, pictures that were normally hung up were now smashed on the floor. Ace and Zeus were under the kitchen table, huddled together because they were scared. ” Whoa, What happened here? ” Lily sighed looking quiet shocked, she knew I’d never leave my place like this. ” Just stay here ” I stated as I walked toward my bedroom. The TV was on, so I knew someone was in my room. I slowly walked into my bedroom, I stopped in place when I noticed that Ryan was passed out on the floor. He was in only his boxers and he definitely never made it to the bed, he had been struggling through an alcohol problem. I hated when he’d come over after drinking, because he would always turn into a completely different person. He was mean and obnoxious, I couldn’t stand it. Last week he barged into my flat and accused me of cheating on him, when I tried to tell him he was being stupid and a drunk he did the unspeakable. He smacked me across the face and then pushed me into the wall, I woke up the next morning sore and with small bruises on my face/ on my body ( From where I hit the wall ). I should’ve ended it that night, because of past family drama. * My family had been ripped apart from alcohol, my dad was a heavy drinker and used to beat my mum. She took me and my brother away from him, and now I haven’t seen him in years *.  I knew the hits would happen more often and they did, I never said anything to Lily tho because I knew what she’d do. I picked up Ace, ” Can you grab Zeus? ” I asked her. She gave me a strange look, ” It’s Ryan, he’s passed out from drinking. Can we go over to your place? ” I questioned. She looked at me confused, but nodded. ( I should’ve never given him a key )

When we walked into Lily’s flat, her little ragdoll cat came prancing up to us. ( She was Zeus’s sister, except she was completely white ) ” Luna, look Zeus and Ace have come to play ” Lily smiled, all three cats ran off into another room. Lily and I changed into our pajama’ and then sat on her sofa, ” Let’s watch Friends! ” I suggested as I pouted. ” No! Y/N. I am not Phil ” she laughed, I smiled to myself. ” Fine, so what should we watch then? ” I questioned, ” Harry Potter? ” she suggested. I shook my head, ” Too long and then I’ll wanna just watch all 8 movies ” I sighed.   ” How about we talk? Like about why your boyfriend trashed your place, or why you wanted to leave so fast ” she exclaimed, I glanced at the three cats that were cuddling on the floor. ” You acted as if you were afraid to be there when he’s drunk, what’s going on? ” she asked again, ” You know what, Harry Potter sounds like a good movie choice ” I sighed trying to change the subject. ” No! Y/N, you’ve got to tell me. I’m your best friend! ” she yelled, ” Lil, everything’s fine. You know I just don’t like it when people are piss drunk, its bad enough I had to deal with that shit when I was a child ” I smiled. She was about to say something else, but her front door suddenly opened. Josh walked in carrying a Chinese take away, he looked at us shocked. ” What are you two doing here? Y/N, I thought you were staying at your place ” he asked, Lily stood up and hugged him. ” No, her psycho boyfriend trashed her placed. So we decided to come here ” Lily sighed, ” We’ve established this before Lil, he’s not my boyfriend! ” I exclaimed. She rolled her eyes, ” Nice Pajama’s, Y/N ” Josh chuckled ( Randomly ).       ” What! I like the Avengers! ” I laughed, ” Yeah, plus Phil gave those to her for Christmas ” Lily smirked. I glared at her,  How about we watch The Avengers ” Josh smiled, Lily nodded and smiled. ” I’m cool with that ” I chuckled [ A Hour and a Half Later ] Lily and Josh had fallen asleep, I was cuddling with Ace ( As Usual ). My phone had been going off for most of the night, but I never answered it. I knew it was Ryan, I wasn’t up to talk to him at the moment. I shut off the Television and walked into the guest room, a good night’s sleep was what I needed. Plus I had to be awake at 10:30 am for a 12 pm work shift.

[ Next Day ]

I left Ace and Zeus at Lily’s flat, Josh was going to be there all day and I trusted leaving them with him more than Ryan. Lily and I walked happily into work together, we went straight to stacking and stocking shelves. After working for a few busy hours, Lily and I were out back taking a lunch break or in my case a smoke break. ” So I was thinking about last night ” she stated, ” Oh.. No ” I sighed. ” I know what’s wrong like why you wanted to leave so quickly last night ” she said looking at her lunch, ” Oh yeah and Why is that? ” I smirked. ” Because he’s hit you before, hasn’t he? ” she asked, I looked down. ” My gosh Y/N, why would you stay with someone like that? Like your father? ” she exclaimed, ” Maybe because I don’t feel like I deserve any better! ” I sighed. She shook her head, ” That’s not right! ” she exclaimed. ” Lily, nothings right about the relationship I have with him. Because it’s not real, I don’t have the same feelings for Ryan as I do for…. ” I sighed, ” Phil ” she whispered. I nodded, ” But then why don’t you break up with him? ” she questioned. I didn’t say a word,  ”Are you afraid? Y/N, you’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known ” she exclaimed. I shrugged as we walked back into the building, ” Y/N, you need to end it ” she sighed. I nodded, ” I will ” I stated. Eric walked into work 20 minutes later, ” Well Y/N, you had fun last night didn’t you? ” he smirked. I looked at him confused, ” What? ” I asked. ” Last night, I saw you and Ryan at the bar together. All over each other ” Eric chuckled, ” I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was with Lily all night. I haven’t seen Ryan since yesterday morning ” I exclaimed. ” You say they were all over each other, like how? ” Lily asked, Eric shrugged ” Kissing, groping each other mostly “. I felt a sense of relief, but I was also a little pissed off. After Eric walked away Lily looked back at me, ” Looks like he’s not just abusive, he’s also a cheater ” she stated. I took in a deep sigh, ” It ends tonight ” I sighed. 

I worked until 6 pm, then picked up Ace and Zeus from Lily’s flat. By the time I got home it was half seven, Ryan wasn’t there. I spent most of the night cleaning up the huge mess he left, I collapsed onto the sofa after I finished. My phone started to ring, ” Hello? ” I asked. ” Y/N? ” Ryan asked, ” What? ” I sighed. ” Don’t use that tone with me, you know I’m at a party right now and they’re are plenty of girls that I could have right now ” he shouted, I sighed. ” Then just fucking do it, I don’t care! ” I exclaimed as I hung up, This so called Relationship is Over.


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Love the Phil imagine!! But please, I don't care if y/n and phil don't get together but please get the bitch Nicki away! I know it's writing but it's so fucking good that I really hate her. Love you!!

Awe Thank You(: You won’t actually find out what happens with Nicki until part 5 ( The last one ), but I will tell you that everything works out for the best! Love you 2 <3

Secondhand = Phil Lester / Part 3

{ Phil’s P.O.V }

The walk back to my flat was exhausting and long, something is different with Y/N. I don’t think I ever quite noticed it, until she started smoking. That is what caught me off guard the most, but after a while I just figured she was having family or work problems. But now she’s into tattoo’s? There has to be reason why she’s acting like this, I’ll figure it out. I walked into the flat that I shared with my girlfriend Nicki, I was hoping she wouldn’t be home from work yet. As I walked into the lounge I could hear the noise of the television, I let out a deep sigh. ” Phil? Where have you been? ” she quickly asked with a hurtful tone of voice, ” I’ve just been catching up with a friend ” I sighed from the kitchen. ” Ugh, don’t tell me you were with that pitiful excuse for a girl. Y/N ” she exclaimed, ” And so what if I was? She’s my friend and I just wanted to make sure everything is okay with her ”  I sighed. She glared at me, ” I told you that I didn’t want you to talk to her! That bitch is always in our business and she doesn’t have the right to be ” she shouted. I rolled my eyes, ” Nicki, why do you have the right to insult my friends. But I can’t do the same? Don’t you trust me? ” I exclaimed. She shook her head, ” I’m not saying that, I just don’t trust her.. ” she sighed. ” Really? Nicki, I’ve been over to her place so many times. If she wanted to try something, she would’ve done it by now ” I chuckled, ” Just give Y/N a chance, you might learn to like her “. She nodded, ” Fine ” she smiled. I gave her a quick hug, ” Good, because we’ve got plan’s with her tonight. I’m going to set her up with one of my friends, we’re going on like a double date ” I smiled. She nodded, ” Okay, what time tonight? ” she questioned. ” Around 8 pm ” I smiled, she nodded and walked out of the room. I quickly texted Y/N ( The information on what time and where to meet ) and the guy I was setting her up with, he was a little surprised but he never denies a date.

Around 7 pm Nicki and I started getting ready, ” So which friend are you setting her up with? ” Nicki asked, I shrugged ” Well since I have no idea what kind of guy she normally goes for, I just picked someone I thought would match well with her “. Nicki walked out of the bathroom with a scowl on her face, ” You didn’t? ” she sighed. I gave a her an innocent look ” I did “, she shook her head. ” You just better hope your friendship with Y/N doesn’t get ruined because of him! ” she stated as she walked back into the bedroom, ”  He’s Changed tho! ” I exclaimed. ” Whatever you say! ” she chuckled, I let out a deep sigh ( I hope this doesn’t Ruin anything ). We took a taxi to the resturant, we were the first one’s there. Minutes later Y/N arrived,” Hello ” I smiled. ” Hey! ” she smiled back, I knew that Nicki would never really like Y/N.  ( I mean they’re completely different, Y/N is independent, smart, extremely giving and sweet, a good friend. And Nicki well, she is a spoiled little rich girl who get’s whatever she wants, sure she’s got a job but only because her dad owns the company and I personally don’t think she could ever live on her own. She’s very Needy ). She could at least pretend to like Y/N for one night.. Right? ” So, where’s this blind date? ” Y/N questioned, I shrugged                  ” Probably just running a bit late “. After a few minutes, I heard a familiar voice. ” Y/N? ” he asked, she smiled ” Ryan? “. I looked at the both of them confused as Y/N stood up and gave him a quick hug, ” You two know each other? ” I questioned, they both nodded. ” His brother is my favorite tattoo artist ” Y/N smiled, ” Yeah, technically we met yesterday. But I’ve seen her there before ” Ryan stated looking at the menu. ” So you have more than one tattoo? ” Nicki asked Y/N, she nodded. ” Well it’s good that you know your date ” Nicki gave a quick scowl toward Y/N, but Y/N and Ryan were too busy staring at each other to notice. I started to have this weird feeling in my stomach, I didn’t like the fact the Y/N already knew Ryan. And I hated knowing that she might actually like him, but I didn’t know why I felt like this.

Two hours of Y/N and Ryan talking, flirting and Laughing went by while Nicki and I just kinda sat there in an awkward silence. Two hours and 4 glasses of wine later, I was feeling more irritated by the minute and I know Nicki was starting to notice. When dinner was finally over  I saw Y/N and Ryan exchange numbers, then he invited her to the cinema. We stood outside saying our ” Goodbyes ” and then the always fake ” I had a nice time “, I just stayed quiet. ” Are you sure you guy’s don’t wanna come to to cinema with us? ” Ryan asked us, Nicki shook her head. ” We should really get home ” she sighed as she helped me into a taxi, I just put on a fake smile for them ( Even tho I wasn’t happy ). Y/N and Ryan walked away, they already looked like a couple. The taxi ride was painfully silent, it was like the calm before the storm. When we got home, all hell broke lose. ” What the Hell Phil! ” Nicki exclaimed, I didn’t say anything. ” What’s wrong with you! ” she shouted, I shrugged ” I was just hoping that she wouldn’t like him “. I walked into the lounge and collapsed on the sofa, ” They looked happy, isn’t that what you wanted? ” she asked. I shrugged again, ” Not really ” I sighed. Nicki walked out of our bedroom holding sweetie ( The Rabbit ), to be honest I didn’t care for that rabbit. ” What does that mean… Do you have feelings for her? ” Nicki questioned, I looked at her a little dumbfounded. ” I can’t believe you would ask me that! ” I exclaimed, she sighed. ” I think you’re kidding yourself Phil, I mean the whole time she was ignoring you. She was still all you could talk about! ” she Spat, ” I miss Y/N, Why won’t she talk to me? Did I do something wrong? Does she hate me? ” she said mocking me. I didn’t realize how much I was actually talking about Y/N, ” You only set her up with Ryan, because you thought she’d hate him and never wanna date anyone. But your plan backfired and now you’ve got to live with yourself for that, plus you can get comfortable on that couch because that’s where you’ll be sleeping tonight! ” She exclaimed. She paused,       ” Things have to change if you expect me to stay in this relationship, if you even think you have feelings toward her. You need to get over them!! ” she shouted. Nicki stormed into our bedroom and slammed the door, I shook my head. ( How can she accuse me of having feelings for Y/N and then just flip it around, telling me that I need to change if she’s gonna stay in this relationship ). ” This is crazy ” I whispered, ( Shouldn’t she be worried that I’m gonna leave her ). I flipped through the television programs and then checked my phone, Ryan had sent me a text message. Actually it was a picture message of him and Y/N, Ryan was thanking me for setting them up. I threw my phone across the room  ( It didn’t break ), ” What have I done? ” I sighed to myself.


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Secondhand = Phil Lester

[ Part 2 ]

Standing out back, behind work on a foggy Saturday night. I had been working the late shift all week just to have something to do, it was 11 pm and I was taking my 4th smoke break of the day. Recently I had taken later night shift’s, just so I could avoid Phil. Speaking of, it’s been 7 month’s since I last talked to him ( I know, Along time! ). At first I would occasionally answer his calls, but I don’t anymore. Sure it seems selfish, but I can’t bare to be around him. Because every time I am, I just seem to fall for him more. He’s still with Nicki and they’re still having the same problems, but it’s really none of my business anymore.

 I walked back into the pet store and got back to stacking cans of cat and dog food, Lily was working with me tonight which was always much more fun. ” So what time are you working till tonight? ” she asked me, I sighed   ” Till 2 am, I told Mary I’d do some stocking tonight “. She nodded, ” So I’ve got a date tomorrow ” she smiled. I rolled my eyes, ” With Josh? ” I smirked. She smiled ” Yeah “, I had to admit I was a bit jealous. Josh was a great guy and he was perfect for Lily, ” So when are you two going to just admit that you’re in a relationship with each other ” I smiled. She shrugged ” When you start talking to Phil again “, ” Ugh, not this again ” I sighed . ” What? All I’m saying is that you can’t just stop talking to him, especially when he needs a friend! ” she exclaimed, ” Lily, he’s got plenty of friends to help him with his problems ” I sighed. ” But none of them will willingly watch every episode of friends with him, Y/N you’re the only one that will! ” she stated, ( True ) I looked down. ” Lil, you know I can’t… ” I started but she interrupted me, ” Yeah, Yeah because of the feelings you have toward him. But you need to get out of this funk, because you never know when Nicki and him will break up and then you can make your move! ” she nearly shouted. I rolled my eyes, ” Not gonna happen ” I smiled. She shook her head, by 1:30 am Lily had already gone home. It was my night to lock up, so I was completely alone. I had the store music playing loudly, I was writing down the inventory and stocking the shelves. I was looking through the cat toy’s, I figured since I had been staying at work late I could get something for Zeus and Ace. That’s when I heard rustling from the back, I panicked.

I pulled out my phone ( Just in case ), ” Hello? ” I asked. I walked into the back. ” Shit, Eric!! ” I shouted, ” What? I forgot my phone ” he sighed. ” I thought you were a burglar ” I exclaimed, he chuckled ” Sorry, Hey Y/N are you working tomorrow? “. I nodded ” Yeah, 12 pm till 5 pm “,    ” Cool, see you tomorrow ” he smiled as he left through the back door. I took a deep breathe and once 2 am hit, I quickly made sure that the doors and windows were all locked. Then I turned the alarm system on, my flat wasn’t to far from work. So I just walked home, ( Smoking the whole way ). When I walked through the front door, both of my cat’s came running to me. I dropped my purse on the sofa, ” Hello boy’s, were you both good today? ” I cooed. They both followed me into my bedroom, where I changed my clothes and took off any makeup I had on. Then I walked back into the lounge and collapsed onto the sofa, then pulled my phone out of my purse. There were a few missed calls ( Probably from Phil ), I stood up and made sure that the front door was locked. I picked up Ace and walked to my bedroom, I laid down with both cat’s and fell straight to sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 10 am thanks to alarm, ” Ugh ” I mumbled. I took a shower and put on my work clothes, I put down enough cat food to last them all day. ” Okay boy’s, I’ll be home late again. I’ve got important plans after work, so I’ll see you tonight ” I smiled at my cats, I locked the front door and then walked to work. Eric and Lily were already there, ” Morning Y/N ” Lily smiled. I rolled my eyes, ” It’s not the morning anymore, Lil! ” I sighed. She smiled ” I know “, ” So what’ve you got planned for afterwork? ” she asked. ” Uh…. Nothing! ” I exclaimed ( But she know’s me to well ), ” Are you going back to that tattoo parlor? ” she questioned. ” Yes I am, I’m an adult! And anyways, what else am I supposed to do ” I questioned, before she could answer I put my hand in front of her face. ” If your answer has anything to do with Phil, I don’t wanna hear it! ” I sighed, Eric chuckled ” Come on, Y/N! You need to get over him, Just move on “. ” Hmm, not interested ” I smiled, he smirked     ” No No, What I mean is, if your not ever gonna get over him. You should at least talk to him, I mean you were the one who used to say that. If you couldn’t be in a relationship with him, you’d still want to be his friend “. I looked down, ” I know, but all that was before… “. I started, but I noticed Lily’s face light up. ” Look here he comes! ” she shouted pounting at Phil who was walking through the shop looking a bit lost, I glared at Lily and Eric. ” Really Guy’s ” I whispered, they nodded with evil grins on their faces. ” Y/N, be cool ” Lily smiled, I tried to act like I wasn’t interested but we all knew I was. I continued stocking the cat food, ” Hey Lily, Eric… Y/N. Do this place sell rabbit food? ” he asked awkwardly. ” Yeah and I think Y/N can show you were it is, because clearly Eric and I are busy stocking this here cat food! ” Lily smiled, I glared at her. ” Y/N, Help the customer! ” she exclaimed, ” Fine, Follow me ” I sighed with a fake smile. He did, ” So… What kind of Rabbit did you get? ” I asked ( Not only for my job, but because I was just curious ). He shrugged ” I don’t know, a brown one “, I chuckled. ” What? It wasn’t even my idea to get one. It was Nicki’s ” he sighed, I nodded but didn’t say anything.

We walked over  to the rabbit supplies, ” So here’s the food section, I hope you find what you need ” I sighed trying to walk away as quickly as possible. ” Wait! ” he exclaimed, I stopped and slowly turned around.        ” Yeah? ” I asked, ” Uh, I was just wondering how have Zeus and Ace   been? ” he asked nervously. ( Really? ) ” They’re Fine ” I sighed, ” And how have you been ? ” he asked. ” I’m good…. ” I mumbled, ” Then why won’t you talk to me? ” he exclaimed. I shrugged ” I’m just having problems in my life, I need to sort them out “, he rolled his eyes. ” Why don’t I believe you? ” he questioned, ” It’s the truth ” I stated. ” Well I miss you, I miss our friendship ” he  smiled, I looked down ( Okay, now the guilt was killing me ). I sighed ” I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of stopped talking to you for no reason “, he smiled ” Do you think you’d wanna grab a cup of coffee after work, catch up a bit? “. I nodded, ” I would, but I can’t tonight. I have plans already, um How about tomorrow? ” I questioned. He sighed and Smiled ” Definitely “, I smiled ” Well, good luck finding you rabbit food! “. He chuckled ” I don’t need it! “, I glanced at Lily who gave us a thumbs up. I rolled my eye’s ( Of Course this was her idea, Why am I not surprised ), the rest of the day went by fairly quick. At 5 pm I walked out of work and to the tattoo parlor that was down the road, ” Y/N!  How are you? ” Mason smiled. ” Hello, I’m fine ” I smiled, ” And what were you looking to get today? ” he asked me. I handed him a picture ( It had birds in flight and a really relatable sentence ), ” Something like this ” I smiled.    ” And where would you like it? ” he asked, ” On my upper back ” I sighed. After an hour and a half of sitting in the chair, a younger ( very cute ) guy walked in. ” Mas! I’ve brought you some food! ” he shouted and then noticed me, Mason chuckled. ” This is my younger brother Ryan ” he stated shaking his head, I nodded. ” And what’s your name? ” the guy called Ryan asked ( Clearly he was trying to flirt ), ” Y/N ” I smiled. ” Cool ” Ryan smirked, ” Ryan please, I’m trying to work, so leave! ” Mason exclaimed. Ryan nodded and quickly winked at me before leaving, I rolled my eyes ( Guys like him are the reason I’m still single ). ” Sorry about that ” Mason sighed, I nodded ” It’s fine “. Around 9:30 pm Mason was finally finished with the tattoo, it was amazing. He placed a piece of gauze over the tattoo, I paid for it and thank’d Mason one more time before I left. I called for a taxi to take me home, when I walked in both of my cat’s were meowing like crazy. I took them to my room and instantly passed out, I was exhausted.

[ The Next Day ]

I sat inside of the small cafe waiting for Phil, it was the place we agree’d to meet at. I had on a tank top, because the new tattoo on my back was hurting and you could see the gauze. It was only a few minutes later when Phil walked in, ” Hey Y/N ” he smiled. ” Hey Phil ” I sighed,              ” Whoa! is that what you were doing yesterday? ” he asked pointing to the large piece of white gauze. I nodded, ” Since when were you into tattoo’s ” he chuckled. I shrugged taking a sip of coffee, ” Since now ” I smiled. He nodded, ” So how have you been? ” I asked him. He shrugged ” I’m alright… I guess ” , ”  Phil.. What’s going on? ” I asked him. He let out a sigh, ” I’m Fine sure, but my relationship isn’t! Nicki is so controlive, she never let’s me do anything alone ” he exclaimed. I was taken back a bit by his random outburst, ” Then how are you here right now? ” I asked. ” Well, she doesn’t exactly know I’m here. She’s at work right now ” he sighed, I nodded. Things got quiet for a few minutes, ”  So are we friends again? ” he asked. ” Phil, I never stopped being your friend. I mean I guess it sorta looks like that, but I had my own issues to deal with and… I’m sorry…. Will you’ll forgive me ” I smiled, he grinned and nodded. ”  I forgive you… If… ” He smirked, I rolled my eyes. ” Oh here we go ” I laughed, ” If you’ll agree to let me set you up with one of my friends, Lily told me you were having guy problems and I think my friend would be perfect for you! ” he exclaimed. ( Rip my heart out of my chest some more, why don’t you ) I thought about it for a few minutes, what could go wrong. If I can’t have the person I really want, why not move on and at least try to be happy. ” Sure ” I smiled, ” Really? Cool, so I’ll text you all the information ” he cheered. I nodded, we talked for another hour before he had to leave. I’m happy that we were finally talking, I still just wish things could be different between us.


Finally Part 2!!!! And Part 3 will be going up Next Monday =D I Hope You Enjoyed and Thank You so much for Reading <3

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So I’ve got a Busy couple of weeks ahead of me, so I won’t be uploading something everyday. I already have 4 parts of Secondhand = Phil Lester, That I already have written and typed up. I Actually like that I made the story a bit longer, I’ll be uploading a part every Monday! Starting this Monday(: I am working on another Long fanfic and this time its gonna be like The boy with those green eyes…! ( A Lovey/ Dovey/ Heartfelt thing ) I don’t wanna tell you who the main guy is gonna be, just know he’s apart of the Fantastic Foursome ( Oh Yeah ). I’ll just Let you guess who it is…. When I start uploading Chapters of that I will be uploading one Every day again. I hope Nobody got Confused by what I just said =D If you Have any suggestions or guesses, Or you just wanna say Hey! leave me a message, <3


Epilogue / In The End…

Skye: I only rode around for a few hours, then I somehow stumbled upon the little cabin I lived in with my friends ( Once Upon A Time Ago ). I could tell that they had abandoned it a while ago, they came back for the three dogs and most of the supplies. I decided it’d be the best place to stay and live out the rest of my life, so I set Ceaser free. So he could be happy as a wild horse. As the weeks went by, it grew colder and started snowing. The cut’s on my hand never healed and since I didn’t take care of it, I ended up catching pneumonia. A week and a half later, I could barely walk or breathe. I was very ill and that was the cause of my death, yes I died alone but not unhappy. Sure in the End I was still mad, confused, hurt, but I still cared for Jack and I did miss those idiots. You probably think that it was stupid for me to leave them, but I had to do it for myself.

Jack: After he found out that I was gone for good this time, he wanted to go after me but Finn stopped him. Saying that it was better this way and just to let me go, but we all know he couldn’t 100% do that. He felt guilty, like it was his fault. He moped around and was never home, he avoided everything that reminded him of me. 2 months went by, he found another girl that knew nothing about me. They dated for a few month’s, before getting married and moving into a different house. Soon after his wife ended up pregnant, but Jack soon found out that it wasn’t his child. The guilt of losing his one true love started to eat away at him, it only took one thing to push him off the edge.a few Years went by, Jack was never the same. Then a day came where William and Alec paid him a visit, and it’s one that he’d never forget. They stopped by to tell him the depressing news ( That I had passed away ). That was all it took to push him off the edge and then Jack just disappeared into the woods one day, it was his turn to never be seen again. Everyone know that it was the only thing he could do to be happy again, think of it as a Romeo and Juliet type thing    ( He couldn’t be happy without her ).

Finn, Christi and Jess: Christi went from rags to riches, I always had a feeling that she and Finn had some type of secret relationship going on. They got married 3 years after I had first left and had a few kids, naming their 3rd child after the girl who made a huge impact on their life. Jess learned how to talk properly and then she left the Harries house, she wanted to do bigger and better things. She ended up meeting a very handsome, charming guy and she fell in love with him. They were all Happy in the end, which is what I always hoped for.

Oh and if you’re wondering what happened to Dan: ( Which I’m guessing you are ). The day after I had left, Jack found him and beat the crap out of him. Actually Jack put Dan in the hospital, but then Dan eventually found out that I had left the Harries house. He tried to find me, but never had any luck. Because he was terrible at tracking someone, so I never really worried about Dan finding me,.Neither did Jack…..

So I guess the moral of the story is, you can’t believe in all that Lovey / Dovey Vampire Crap! Because none of it is true, it won’t happen the way you want it too. Most vampires are just vicious creatures, that are just out there to hunt and kill. Don’t take the chance, of ever being Hunted.


So that’s Officially the End :( No Worry’s tho, I’ll be back with another long story soon = D I Really Hope You Enjoyed this Story and Thank You So Much for Reading <3