Chapter 27. What do we do now? - Jack’s P.O.V

I stood in the lounge listening to Skye scream and pound on her door, “What do we do now? ” Finn asked me. I shrugged, ” What if they actually come looking for her, what if they try to kill us! ” Finn exclaimed ” Jack we’ve got to tell dad “. I nodded, ” What the fuck is that going to do? ” Dan shouted ” Maybe you should move her, you know take her somewhere else “. ” She’s not going anywhere! ” I spat as I glared at him, ” Get over yourself Jack, maybe this was meant to be. Maybe you weren’t meant to have her all to yourself ” Dan smirked. I took in a deep breath,   ” Shut the fuck up.. and get the hell out of my house! ” I shouted. Dan smiled and then chuckled,” I can’t believe you’d put this girl before me, we’ve known each other our whole live’s. What happened to you? You used to hate people like her, I don’t care who she is or how you feel about her. Things need to change ” Dan sighed as he walked out the front door. ”  Okay, that was beyond dramatic ” Finn chuckled, ” Dad already knows ” I sighed. ” What? ” Finn asked, ” Yeah he was there, at the pot. He thinks that we need to have a party, it’ll attract them ” I exclaimed. ” You’ve got to be joking! ” Finn shouted, ” He’s going to invite a bunch of business people, like a dinner party type thing. But then we get to host our own little party ” I paused. ” And then I’m going to tell her how I feel about her ” I sighed, ” And then what, do you think she’s going to just let you change her? ” Finn exclaimed. I looked at him and sighed, ” I’ve never planned on changing her ” I sighed looking down. ” Then why would you tell her you love her? ” he questioned, I stayed quiet. ” You want to let her go, or you want to see if she love’s you enough to stay? ” Finn exclaimed, I sighed.   ” Does dad know about that idea? ” Finn asked, I nodded. ” And he’s alright with that? ” Finn questioned, ” He wants us to be happy Finn, even if it means I have to let what I love go ” I sighed. ” Now you just sound stupid, you just need to get on with telling her! ” Finn shouted as he stormed upstairs, Axel was still laying on the couch. I picked him up and walked upstairs, I unlocked Skye’s door. ” Don’t! ” She yelled from the floor, I placed Axel on the floor in front of her. He ran to her, ” I’m Sorry ” I whispered. She didn’t say anything, ” I just don’t trust Dan, I never have. He tried to talk us into taking you somewhere else, so your friends wouldn’t be able to find you. But I know they’ll look for you anywhere ” I sighed. She nodded ” You didn’t have to treat me that way tho “, ” I know and I’m Sorry ” I exclaimed. ” Fine, I’m going to sleep. Thanks for bringing Axel up here ” she sighed, I nodded. ” Goodnight ” I said before closing her door, I hope I didn’t just fuck up any chance I had of getting her to stay.


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Chapter 26. An Unwanted Guest 

I sat on the sofa under a large duvet waiting for Jack and Finn, after I found out everything about my life was a lie. Jack told me not to tell anyone in the house, he said that they might start treating me different. Finn walked into the lounge carrying Axel, ” So what Movies should we watch? ” he asked me. I shrugged, ” Scary ” I suggested. He chuckled     ” Which one’s “, I smiled ” How about the new Fright Night? “. He looked at me weirdly, ” Isn’t that a vampire movie? ” he asked. I nodded. ” So? ” I chuckled. He smiled ” Alright “, I looked at him. ” Finn ” I sighed, ” What? ” he smirked. ” What color are your eye’s? ” I questioned, he looked at Axel. ” Mine are silver ” he sighed, ” And Jack’s ” I smiled. ” Jack’s are a different story, he’s got… ” Finn started but stopped when Jack walked into the room, ” Okay, I’ve given everyone the night off. I’ve bought a lot of snacks and the Pizza’s are on the way, have you two figured which movies we’re watching? ” he smiled. Finn nodded, not long after the bell rang. ” I’ll go get that ” Jack smiled, ” Okay, finish what you were saying before he comes back! ” I exclaimed. Finn shook his head, ” Jack should be the one to tell you, not me ” he sighed. I frowned, he chuckled ” Fine, if  he won’t tell you then I will “. I smiled at him as Jack walked back in carrying 3 pizza box’s, ” Okay, let’s get this movie night started! ” Jack shouted.

A few hours later we were on our second movie, Finn was already asleep. Some how I ended up kinda cuddled next to Jack, ” Hey, I’ve got one last question ” I whispered. He smiled ” Yeah? “, ” What color are your eyes, you know your vamp eyes? ” I asked. He sighed ” They’re not normal vamp eyes “, Finn shifted on the other sofa but Jack continued.     ” When I was 11 there was this girl, she was in the forest that’s behind the house. She had been attacked by something and she was dying, I decided to bite her. She was the only one I’ve ever tried to change, I just wanted to help. She was too weak, she didn’t heal and she still ended up dying. Before I did that my eyes were silver, but now for some reason I’ve got two different color eyes ” he sighed, ” One’s purple and one’s silver ” I whispered. He nodded, ” William told me something I didn’t tell you, I wasn’t sure how you’d take it ” I sighed. He looked at me strangely, ” He told me that your friends know I’m half and half, he said that they were instructed by someone to get me to like them. That they would try and create others like me, Jack I’m terrified! ” I exclaimed. He looked down, ” I knew something was up with them, don’t worry I won’t let them touch you ” he smiled. I nodded, ” Oh My God! Just admit that you Love each other! ” Finn shouted. Jack and I smiled at each other, but didn’t say anything. A few minutes later the bell rang again, ” Are we expecting anyone else? ” Finn asked standing up. Jack shook his head, ” Be careful ” he sighed. Finn left the room and seconds later we heard shouting, then Dan stormed into the room.

" They’re looking for her! " he exclaimed, " Who? " Jack asked. " Her friends or family, I don’t fucking know! They set the pot on fire, my dad was inside " he shouted, " Do you know what they wanted? " Finn questioned. " Well duh! They wanted to know where the fuck she is! " Dan yelled, " Did they hurt anyone? " I asked ( Which was probably a mistake ). Dan glared at me, " No, you don’t get to fucking speak! " he shouted at me. Jack stood up, " Answer her question " he sighed. " No they didn’t " Dan stated, " Well then why are you here? " Jack asked Dan. " My dad sent me to warn you all, that’s it " he sighed, Jack nodded.         " John! " Jack shouted, I looked at Finn confused as John came running down the stairs. " Yes? " John asked, " Take her upstairs and lock her in her room! " Jack ordered. ’ Wait, What? " I exclaimed, John grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the stairs. " You can’t just lock me away, Jack! " I shouted, he didn’t even look at me. John pulled me up the stairs and shoved me into my room, after John shut and locked the door. I pounded and kicked at the door for a few hours, until I collapsed to the floor in a mess of tears and sweat. I hope my friends did show up and I wanted them to tear this place apart, because I’m sick of being treated this way by this guy I was starting to care for.


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Chapter 25. The Plan - Lyla’s P.O.V

After we figured out the plan, we set it in motion. Jimmy took out his lighter and set part of the building on fire, but that’s not the plan they implied. ” What the hell Jimmy, this isn’t the plan! ” I exclaimed, Jimmy shrugged ” They won’t evacuate this building, unless there’s an emergency. Plus this building needs to get destroyed “. ” We better get the information we need and hopefully none of us get killed ” I sighed, Jimmy nodded. 20 minutes of screaming and yelling, the building was finally fully evacuated. We each held our weapons, weirdly none of them were armed. There were a lot of human’s that came walking out, they were of all different ages. A guy in a business suit came walking toward us, I’m guessing he was one of the head sellers. ” Don’t shoot, I’m sure if there’s anything we can help you with. We’ll do it ” he exclaimed with his hands up, ” We’re looking for someone, a girl! Dark brown hair with green eyes ” Jimmy shouted. ” i saw her ” a rather small girl shouted, but everyone ignored her. ” She’s got a rather special smell about her ” Ben sighed, ” Let her go! ” I shouted and pointed to the little girl. I lent down as she walked up in front of me, ” Hello, I’m Lyla. What’s your name? ” I asked her. ” I’m Wendy ” she smiled, I smiled back. ” So Wendy, you’ve seen our friend? ” I asked her, she nodded ” Yeah, her name is Skye. She’s the only human who’s come through the pot and been sold in the same day, it was weird “. The guy who was one of the head sellers chuckled ” She was also one of our priciest humans “, Jimmy glared at him. ” And where is she now? ” Jimmy shouted, at first the guy laughed at us. But another guy in a suit knew we weren’t playing around, ” She’s in the Harries household, their father own’s this town ” he exclaimed. ” Draw us a map to their house ” Ben yelled, Someone quickly handed him a piece of paper and he scribbled down on it. Then he held it out to us,  Jimmy walked over and took it from him. ” Alright, now all the human’s are to be set free! ” Jimmy exclaimed, they all scattered into the nearby forest. ” Okay, You’ve got what you came for. Now go! ” one of the guys in a suit shouted, We all nodded and got back in the car’s quickly speeding off. We were just hoping no one would follow us, sure people started looking for us after that incident. But we were too clever for them and we were able to avoid them, ” Ben how are we going to get into their place, if their father own’s the town. And I’m sure someone will warn them that were coming to get her ” I sighed. Ben shrugged. ” They’ll probably have loads of security ” Jack sighed, ” Well then, we’ll have to find a safe way in ” Ben sighed. ” What if she’s happy? What if she doesn’t want to come with us? ” I whispered, ” She will! Don’t say that! ” Jimmy exclaimed. ” I’m just saying, we don’t know what she’s been through or what she’s doing ” I sighed, ” I know ” Jimmy stated. ” Ly, stop worrying. You know Skye hates vampires, she would never want to stay with them ” Ben exclaimed, I nodded ” I guess your right “. We really didn’t know what to expect when we found her after living in a house full of vamps, I was just happy we knew were she was. 


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Chapter 24. Questions and Answers

Jack and I walked through the large field that was on their property,          ” Okay Talk ” I sighed.  ” Alright, so what I wanted to tell you yesterday was that when you first got here. It wasn’t the first time I had seen you ” he stated, ” What do you mean? ” I asked him. ” Well, for my whole life I’ve been having dreams about you. I used to ask all of my family members who you were and why I saw you every night, my grandmother used to say that I was supposed to be your protector ” he explained, I stopped walking. ” Whoa, so you have had dreams about me. For your whole life? ” I smiled, he nodded ” That’s what I said, I’ve had them my whole life. Are you scared yet? “. I shook my head, ” So how did you explain your dreams? To everyone ” I questioned. ” Well when I was younger I used to draw pictures of you all of the time,I couldn’t see your face at first your back was always to me but after a few years I saw it. Most people thought you were just some imaginary friend. As I got older I just stopped telling people, so I started writing all the dreams I had in a journal ” he sighed, ” Wow, so you have a dream journal about me ” I smirked. ” So when you showed up I was surprised, especially when I heard you were a hunter ”  he exclaimed, ” At first I wanted to hate you, but the longer you were around the more I realized how much I actually cared about you “. ” So then why are you either nice or mean to me? ” I asked, he shrugged ” I never properly learned how to show my emotions “. I nodded, ” Did you ever figure out why you were dreaming about me? ” I questioned. ” Skye, I’m still having dreams about you. I thought when I saw you they’d stop, but still to this day they continue ” he exclaimed,        ” Could it be because of my… what everyone says my special blood ” I sighed. He shrugged ” I don’t know, but my dad bought you for a reason. He finally believes me, you’re real “. ” But then why are there two shifters living back here! ” I shouted, ” My dad and William were good friend’s in secondary school before this who thing started, so when Alec’s mum died my dad offered them job’s and the cabin to live in ” he sighed sitting down in the grass. ” Who else know’s about your dreams, other than your dad and Finn? ” I asked sitting next to him, ” Well Dan and Alfie know ” he sighed. ” Okay, but Trina didn’t know? ” I asked him, ” I honestly don’t know, she was just a jealous bitch ” he chuckled. ” Will you ever let me read it? ” I smiled, he laughed ” No way “. I rolled my eyes, ” So do you know why my blood is like this? ” I asked him. He shook his head,             ” No, but I know someone who will be able to tell you ” he exclaimed.        ” William? ” I asked, he nodded. ” You have to ask him alone, because of the protection around their cabin I can’t go in with you ” he sighed, I nodded and stood up.  ” Hold on, I’ll walk you there ” he smiled standing up, ” So you don’t get lost again “. I nodded ” Well come on then! “, he chuckled and followed me.

We walked through the forest to the cabin, ” Do they know I’m coming over? ” I questioned ” I don’t want to just bust in there asking 100 questions! “. ” We know! ” Alec called, he was on the safe side of the line. I looked at Jack who smiled at me, ” Go ahead, I’ll be out here when your down ” he smirked. ” You’re not going to leave right? ” I asked, ” Nope! ” he smiled sitting on a fallen log. I walked over the silver line, ” Nice to see you again ” Alec smiled. I smiled back and followed him into the cabin, William was sitting in his chair smiling. ” Hello miss Skye, How are you? ” he asked, ” I’m alright, Do you know why I’m here? ” I asked. He nodded, ” Alec, leave us ” he sighed. Alec nodded and left the room, ” So Jack has told you about his dreams? ” he smiled. ” Yeah ” I sighed, ” And you have more questions? ” he exclaimed. ” Yeah ” I looked down, ” Do you know why? ” I asked. He thought for a few seconds, ” I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with your blood ” William sighed. ” What is up with this whole blood thing? ” I exclaimed, he smiled ” I’m not sure your ready for the answer to that “. ” I swear I am! “I sighed, ” You have to promise me that your not going to change, you can’t go lock yourself back in that room. You need to give that boy out there a chance, he cares about you more than he let’s on ” he stated. ” I promise, please tell me ” I pleaded, he sighed ” Okay, it’s a long story so you might want to get comfortable “.

I sat back on the couch and waited, ” So this may come as a shock to you, but the man that you thought was your father. He wasn’t ” he sighed. ” What! How? ” I questioned, he glanced down ” Your mother, she fell in love with another man. She cheated on her husband with this other guy and was planning on leaving her husband to be with him, you were conceived from the other guy. But your mother didn’t realize what she had done, because as you grew she found out this other guy, Your real father, he wasn’t human “. I looked at him confused, ” Wait! What? ” I exclaimed. ” The man that raised you isn’t your dad, someone else is ” he stated, ” Did he know? ” I asked. ” Yes, but he treated you like you were his own. I think if he would’ve found out who your real father was, he wouldn’t of tho ” William sighed, ” And who is my real father? Is he alive or.. ” I questioned. ” Well I don’t know his exact name, I do know he’s alive tho and he’s a vamp ” William whispered that last part, but I still heard it. ( The Fuck? ) ” That’s why vampires are drawn to you, so far you’re the only half human half vampire that’s lived through birth ” he sighed, ” Is that the only reason why Jack likes me? ” I asked. William smiled ” I think you know the answer to that, but you have to be careful around his friends. Some how they know your half/ half, they’ve been instructed to get you to like them. They’re families want to create others like you and they’ll want to try with you ” he exclaimed, ” So that means Sex! ” I exclaimed. He nodded ” The Harries are good people, they’re not trying to create anything. Mr. Harries bought you because Jack has had dreams of you for his whole life, he just wants to see his son happy “, this was too much information for one person to take in, my whole life has been one fucked up lie.

" Are you Alright? " William asked me, " I don’t know yet, this is a lot to take it " I sighed. He nodded, " Maybe it’s best if you go back and get some rest " he smiled. " Okay, Thanks again William " I smiled, then gave him a quick hug. How am I going to explain any this to Jack, what if he wants nothing to do with me after he finds out. I walked out of the cabin, Jack was sitting in the same exact spot I left him. He smiled at me, but I couldn’t smile back. I wanted to cry and scream, because in some way I was a monster or at least part monster. How could I live with myself now, maybe I wouldn’t. " So what happened? " he asked me, I shrugged. " I’m a freak! " I whispered, " No your not " he exclaimed. " Yes Jack I am, my whole life has been one lie after another. I’m only half Human! " I shouted walking back toward the house, " What’s that supposed to mean? " he asked me pulling at the sleeve of my jumper. " My real father is a vampire, that’s why vamps are drawn to me " I exclaimed letting the tears fall, he didn’t say anything which only made me cry harder. He grabbed the back of my jumper and spun me around, he wrapped his arms around me. It felt right, it was the first time he had ever hugged me. " Don’t worry, everything will work out for the best " he whispered, I nodded. I didn’t want to move, this was  the first time i’d ever felt this way and I liked it.     ( I just hope my friends never find out )


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Chapter 23. The Morning After

I slowly opened my eyes and let out a deep sigh, I was in my room. I didn’t remember getting in a car or even coming back here, I sat up with a major headache that was just getting worse by the minute. Weirdly I was still in my clothes from last night, I glanced around the room. Everything felt normal at first, that is until I felt someone move next to me. I looked over to see Jack still asleep, I slowly stood up and raced to my bathroom. ” Shit, Shit! What the Fuck! ” I whispered to myself, I know happened but I told myself that I would never sleep next to a vamp. I heard someone knock on the bedroom door and when there wasn’t an answer from me, they just walked into the room. I peaked out of the bathroom to see that it was Christi, ” Christi ” I whispered waving her over to the bathroom. She quickly walked in and smiled, ” Look’s like you’ve made your choice, did you guys do it? ” she smirked. I rolled my eyes, ” No, we didn’t do it, I just woke up in bed next to him and I’m freaking the fuck out! Plus I’ve not made a choice yet  ” I exclaimed getting short of breath. ” Chill out before you have a fucking panic attack ” she smiled, ” I’m not going to have a panic attack Christi ” I sighed. ” Then whats the problem? If you guy’s didn’t hook up, why are you freaking  out? ” she asked, I looked down and shrugged. ” I think… ” She started but I interrupted her, ” Ugh, Why are you always thinking! ” I sighed. ” I think you have made your choice and it scares you, we all know it’s true ” she smiled, I nodded ” I used to think nothing scared me, but apparently I am afraid of one thing “. ” And what’s that? ” she questioned, ” Having any type of feelings for that boy! ” I sighed. She smiled, ” Well doesn’t that mean I can be a bridesmaid at the wedding ” She laughed. I shook my head as we walked out of the bathroom, Jack still seemed to be asleep.  I grabbed some comfortable clothes and walked and went back into the bathroom to change, when I walked out Axel was standing by the bathroom door waging his tail.

" Hey Boy " I smiled picking him up " Did you have a nice night with Christi? " I asked him in a baby voice. I heard a low laugh come from my bed, " Jack, how long have you been awake? " I asked him. He sat up and yawned " Not long ", I sighed " Do you remember what happened last night? ". He shook his head, " I only remember us yelling at each other " he stated. " Me too, but that’s the last thing I remember " I sighed, he chuckled " And then we end up in your bed ". I rolled my eyes and carried Axel out of the room, " Well… I’m going down for breakfast " I stated as I walked awkwardly out of the room and down to the kitchen. " Good Morning " Finn smirked, I glared at him and sat down. Charles placed a plat of pancake’s in front of me, " So you had fun last night, Didn’t you? " Finn smiled. " I nodded, " Did anything happen between you and my brother? " he asked me straight forward. " Not that I know of! " I exclaimed, he laughed " At least you finally admitted that you have feelings for him ". I looked at him confused for a minute, " But I didn’t…. Christi told you, damn! " I sighed. He smiled " I already knew how you felt before I talked to Christi, you’re easy to read ", I sighed and continued to eat. Jack walked  into the kitchen 20 minutes later in a fresh change of clothes, " Morning " Jack smiled. He sat down next to me, Charles gave him a plate of pancake’s. " Well Thank you Charles " He exclaimed,         " Why are you so chipper this morning? " Finn smirked. Jack shrugged     " I’m just happy ", I cleaned up my place and then walked into the lounge. I laid on the couch with Axel and listened to Jack and Finn talk, since the kitchen was so close to the lounge. " So what are we doing today? " Finn asked Jack, " We should just sit around, watch some films and order a take away " Jack sighed. " Oh so, you want to spend more time with Skye " Finn snickered, " I guess " Jack stated. " And when are you going to tell her about, you know? " Finn asked, " You’ll have to tell her soon ".       "  Shh I know I know, I would’ve told her yesterday but we were interrupted by Alfie. I swear I think Dan and Alfie are trying to ruin this for me " Jack exclaimed quietly, " You realize she’s in the next room listening to everything were saying " Finn chuckled. " She already know’s, she told me that Dan told her about how we get girls " Jack sighed, " He must have told her at the festival, when he ran into her. While we were on that Ride " Finn shouted. " Well duh Finny! " Jack laughed, " Do you think she’s still listening to us? " Finn asked. " She is! " I yelled, I could hear them both laugh. " Skye let’s go talk " Jack smiled walking into the lounge, " About what? " I smiled getting up off the sofa. We walked out back with Axel following us, " Let’s walk " he smiled. Finally time for some answers.


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Chapter 22. To the Pot we Go! - Lyla’s P.O.V

We stayed at Phil’s a few day’s longer than I expected, but then the day came when it was time to leave. ” I’m coming with you! ” Phil stated,         ” What? I thought you were finished hunting? ” I exclaimed. Phil shrugged ” You guys have been the first normal people I’ve seen in years and sick of hiding from these things “, Ben nodded ” Just don’t slow us down “. Phil smiled ” I’ve got a couple of car’s, I keep them covered and they’re out back “, ” No Cars ” Ben exclaimed. ” Ben we’ll get there quicker in cars ” I shouted, ” It’s at least a day in a half walk from here ” Phil sighed. Jimmy stood up, ” We’ll take the car’s and take down anyone in our way ” he stated. We all agree’d on the plan, we were able to sneak out of the apartment and down to the car’s. Only Tom and Ben new how to drive,     ” Ly, go with Tom ” Jimmy sighed. I nodded, I got into one of the cars with Tom, Dean and Phil. ( Jimmy, Jack and Ben were in the other car ) We had plenty of fire power to kill hundreds of vamps and I knew that Jimmy would do anything to get Skye back. ” So I never asked this before, but what does Skye look like? ” Phil asked us, ” She’s got dark brown hair, with green eyes ” I stated. ” She’s naturally pretty, around 5’5. 110 pounds ” Dean sighed, Phil nodded. ” She’s strong, she doesn’t normally let anything get to her. But if she’s living in a house full of vamps, she may be different ” Tom exclaimed, ” I hope not ” Dean stated.

Taking the car’s was definitely useful, it only took us a few hours to get to the pot. We hid the car’s, ” Now what’s the plan? ” I asked Ben. He sighed ” Well we can’t just walk in ” Jack exclaimed, ” I know that! ” Ben spat. Jimmy looked down, ” Let’s smoke them out, look these vents probably lead through out the entire building ” Jimmy sighed. ” But what if there are other humans or even shifters in there! ” I exclaimed, ” There are automatic doors inside, so if something happens every door will open ” Phil stated. ” Even the one’s holding the prisoners? ” Dean asked him, Phil nodded ” And then we could help them too, they might even help us “. Ben looked down, ” Let’s do it ” he exclaimed. Another plan to take action and find my best friend, but this was taking to long.


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Chapter 21. Life of the Party

When we got back to the house I ignored everyone and went straight up to my room, not because I was angry or upset. I just wanted to be alone and get ready, since it was already 6 pm ( Where does the time go? ) I was shifting through my wardrobe trying to figure  out what to wear to the party, my door opened up slowly and it was Finn. ” Are you Okay? ” he asked me, I nodded ” Fine “. ” So Jack told me you were planning on drinking tonight, is that true? ” he smirked, I smiled ” Yeah, Why? “. He shook his head, ” I think it’s great! Have some fun, just not too much. If you know what I mean ” he winked at me. I rolled my eyes, ” Oh, please! ” I exclaimed. He chuckled and walked out of my room, I walked over to my window and opened it a bit. The cool air felt good, I stood looking over the edge for a few minutes before returning to my wardrobe. After 10 minutes I finally picked out a Fox print  pleat skater dress, black block heel ankle boots, and a orange leggings. I placed the clothes on my bed, Axel was lying in his bed wagging his tail at me. I bent over and patted him on his head, ” Hey Boy ” I smiled. I stood up and walked into the bathroom, I jumped in the shower. When I was finished I walked back into my room in only a towel, Jack was sitting on my bed. ” Nice Towel! ” he smirked,        ” Why are you in here? ” I exclaimed trying to cover myself. He smiled ” I just wanted to let you know, we’re leaving in a hour “, I nodded ” Now get out! “. He chuckled and stood up, ” Next time, don’t forget to lock this door. Especially if you don’t want me in here ” he smirked. I rolled my eyes, Jack left smiling like an idiot.

After he had left I walked back into the bathroom and did my hair in a simple Messy bun, I only applied a tiny bit of mascara and red lipstick. I walked into my room and changed into the outfit I chose, ” Come on Axel, Let’s go see if Christi can watch you until I get back ” I smiled opening the door for him. Axel followed me down the stairs, Christi sat on the sofa in the lounge. She smiled when she saw me, ” Hey Christi, can you watch this boy while I’m gone? ” I asked her. She nodded ” Of Course, I love this little rascal! And by the way you look great “, I smiled ” Thank You “. She nodded and picked up Axel and hugged him, I sat down next to her.  ” So are you excited? ” she questioned, I shrugged ” I guess “. Finally the twins walked into the lounge and smiled at me, ” What are those things on your dress? ” Jack asked me ” Fox’s ” I said standing up, ” And Finn, please don’t make a stupid joke about it ” I sighed. He smirked ” What like, You’re looking Foxy! “, I rolled my eyes. ” Come on, Let’s go! ” Jack exclaimed, I waved to Christi and then followed them out front to the taxi. The three of us packed into the back of it, awkwardly I was in the middle. ” So are you ready? ” Finn asked me, ” Yeah ” I smiled. ” Well these are our people, so you might want to stay close ” Jack sighed, I rolled my eyes. ” I’ve told you before, I’m not afraid ” I exclaimed, ” I know, you’re a stronger than most human’s. I just want to make sure you’ll be safe ” Jack smiled as he looked out the window, I sighed ” Alright, I’ll stay close “.       ” Thank You ” Jack nodded, ” AW! ” Finn exclaimed. Jack and I shook our heads laughing, I was hoping the night wouldn’t end in another argument.

It didn’t take us long to get to Dan’s flat, it was like Jack and Finn’s place. I looked out one of the windows at a huge mansion, there were a lot of people walking up the steps to the house. ” So is everyone… You know ” I asked them, they smiled. ” Obviously ” Jack mumbled, ” There aren’t many human’s just walking through party’s now ” Finn Chuckled. I nodded as the taxi stopped, Finn paid as Jack and I got out. ” Don’t be nervous ” Jack whispered, I rolled my eyes. ” Oh, please… Let’s party ” I exclaimed, Finn walked up behind us laughing. We walked into the house and went straight for the drinks, ” Hey guy’s ” Dan smiled. ” Hey ” Finn exclaimed, I stayed quiet and just stood behind Jack. ” Hey Skye ” he smirked, I only waved at him because he kinda scared me. ” I hope you three have a nice time ” he smiled before walking away, Jack glared at me. ” I don’t like the way he looks at you, like a fucking piece of meat ” Jack spat, ” What? ” I questioned. ” I want you to stay away from him, he’s a charmer and know’s what girls want in guys but he only acts this way when he wants something from them ” he stated, I looked at him confused. ” Really? Because that’s what he said about the two of you idiots! ” I shouted, I really hated it when Jack ordered me around.  He looked at me strangely before I stormed off to the nearest bathroom, I sat down on the edge of the bathtub. ” Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry ” I whispered to myself, I knew Jack was only watching out for me but why did he have to be so mean about it. I took a deep breath before walking back out into the party, Rude by Don’t Kill The Magic was playing. I grabbed another drink, weirdly Jack and Finn were nowhere in sight. I chugged a few shot’s and then grabbed a cup of Vodka and Coke. I ran into Alfie who I talked to for a few minutes, until I found Finn sitting in the lounge.  I sat down next to him, ” Hey girl, are you having fun? ” he smiled. I shrugged,  ” Where’s Jack? ” I asked him. He pointed across the room where Jack was Obviously hitting on a girl, ”  Typical Jack, he’s just trying to piss you off ” he sighed. I nodded ” I don’t care, two can play at that game “, he stared at me ” Skye don’t “. I shook my head, ” Chill, i’m not going to do anything with anyone. I’m just gonna be the Life of the Party! ” I exclaimed. ” Skye… ” Finn sighed, I stood up and walked back to the kitchen where the drinks were. I took shot after shot, drink after drink. I wanted to forget about what I was trying to do, or where I was. Who I was with and The feelings I felt for him, that’s what happened. I blacked out, the last thing I remembered was being yelled at by Jack. Nothing new there.


So this Chapter was Named after the Song Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes, I absolutely Love it and I think everyone should check it out. I Really Hope you Enjoyed and Thank You so Much for Reading <3


Chapter 20. Lunch?

It took a few days for everything to go back to normal, Jack stopped ignoring me but still didn’t talk to me much. Actually he didn’t leave his room, I was still confused by how he was acting. Dan and Alfie started to come around more often, just to hangout with the twins. It worried me a bit, the words that Trina once said still rang in my head. ( I was afraid they’d get bored with me and sell me off to someone else, I mean I was kind of a bother ) I was sitting on the sofa with Jess one sunny afternoon, she could tell something was bothering me. She pulled out her pad of paper, * Are you Okay? * she wrote. I shrugged because I didn’t know what to say, * You know you can tell me anything and I won’t tell them, if you don’t want me too * she wrote. I nodded and smiled ” I know, I’m just worried that’s all “, she looked at me confused. * About what? *, ” I don’t know, I just have this feeling that they’ll get sick of me and then get rid of me ” I sighed. She smiled * Now you know that won’t happen, Finn adores you and Jack well… He doesn’t know how to properly exprese his feelings *, I nodded ” Can I ask you something? “. She smiled and nodded, ” What color are your eyes? ” I asked. She looked down before showing me, they were silver. ” So you don’t drink human blood ” I exclaimed, she nodded * Yeah, I normally drink pig blood. It’s the closest thing to human blood *. I nodded, she looked down and handed me a note. * Excuse me Skye, I’ve got some work to do *, I smiled ” Alright, I’ll see you later “. She stood up and disapeared around the corner, I continued to stare at  the TV.

Jack walked into the lounge, ” Hey there ” he smiled. I smiled ” Hey “, he sat down next to me. ” Wanna go grab lunch? ” he asked, I nodded          ” Really? Just you and I? ” . He chuckled, ” Yeah, come on ” he exclaimed walking to the front door. I followed him out to his car ( It was 2 pm, so late lunch ), It was a silent drive. I didn’t care where we were going, I just needed to get out of that flat. ( Ever since the incident, with me going missing for a few hours. No one will let me leave the property, they all thought I was trying to run ) I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt Jack hold my hand, I looked at him confused. ” What are you doing? ” I questioned, he laughed ” I’m holding your hand… Is that okay? “. I sighed ” Yeah, I guess “, he smiled. I rolled my eyes and smiled to  myself, soon we got to the small cafe. He parked the car and we both went in, we sat in one of the booth’s. ” So there’s this party tonight ” he smirked, ” And? ” I asked him. ” I was just wondering if you’d want to go? ” he sighed, ” Sure, who’s party is it? ” I smiled. ” Dan’s ” he stated, I nodded ” Alright “. We ate our lunch’s quietly before Jack broke the silence, ” So there’s been something I’ve wanted to tell you, I just never knew when the right moment would be ” he sighed. I smiled ” Okay “, It took him a few minutes to get the right words out. ” Before my dad Purchased you, I… ” he was cut off by a familiar voice, it was Alfie. ” Hey guy’s! ” he smiled sitting down next to Jack, ” Hey ” Jack smiled. ” Are you guy’s going to Dan’s party? ” he asked us, we both nodded. ” Cool, so I’ll see you there then ” he exclaimed getting up, after he was gone I looked back at Jack who looked a little irritated. ” So continue ” I smiled, he shook his head. ” Now’s not a good time anymore ” he mumbled paying the bill, ” But… ” I started but got a glare from Jack so I dropped it. ” I’ll tell you later ” he whispered, I rolled my eyes ( No He’s going to get drunk and pass out later ). ” Fine, but tonight were taking a cab ” I stated, he smirked ” Oh really? Why? “. ” Because you idiot’s aren’t going to leave me out on the fun, I’m drinking tonight! ” I sighed, he chuckled         ” Alright, let’s go “. We walked back to his car, I stared out the window as we drove back to the mansion. ” I will tell you later, I swear ” he sighed, I nodded ” Okay “.


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