Chapter 4. Them.

After the first hour of driving He realized that I wasn’t going to be talking anytime soon, so he gave up on the question’s. We drove for a while, at least 40 minutes and ended up coming to a stop at a large mansion. It was beautiful, I still hated this guy don’t get me wrong. I got out of the car and looked,  ” Sorry to say, there’s no where to run ” he chuckled. I glared at him, he grabbed me by my arm and pulled me past two other cars ( A Silver Bentley  and a White Ford Mustang ). He pulled  me through me through through the front door, it was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. But I’d never let then know that.  ” Since you’re a hunter, I’m guessing you have a few dog’s for protection. Well so do we ” he stated before giving a small whistle, two large dogs came running to us. ” Yellow collar is Mac, Blue collar is Dash. Try to leave, they’ll stop you ” he smirked, I continued to stay quiet. ” Now there are a few people here who you should meet, Charles is the chef. Trina, Christi and Jess are the maids of the house. I don’t live here, so you really don’t belong to me ” he exclaimed, I looked at him confused.          ” What? ” I whispered, he chuckled ” Oh, you do know how to speak “. I rolled my eyes, ” You belong to my son’s, I bought you for them. They hate human’s  especially hunters ” he grinned. I held my breath, ” Jack!! Finn! ” he yelled.  He looked at the worry on my face and laughed,          ” What? ” a young guy asked walking up to us. ” Finn where’s your brother? ” the father asked, the guy called Finn shrugged. Another young guy that was Identical to Finn walked over to us, ( Great Twins ),   ” What are you doing here? ” he asked. They both stared at me, ” I brought you a gift ” he cheered. ” Why? ” Finn asked, the dad shrugged ” Because I thought you’d enjoy it “.  They both looked confused, ” She’s not just a human, she’s a hunter ” the dad stated. The look of confusion soon disappeared, anger and rage set in. “And she’s ours now? ” Jack exclaimed, the father nodded. ” Alright, well she goes in the basement! ” Jack spat, they called for one of their maids who took me down into the basement and practically threw me in a small room. There was only a small bed in the corner and a chair, I felt like a caged animal. ” Oh, I can’t wait to see how they torture this one ” the maid laughed, I sat down against the wall and sighed. ” Psstt.. ” I heard someone whisper from the next room, ” Hello? ” I asked. ” Are you human? ” the person whispered, ” Yes ” I sighed. ” Really, you don’t smell like it ” they announced, ” Well, what are you? ” I asked. They paused for a minute, ” Vampire, but I changed sides ” she whispered. ( I could finally tell it was a girl ) ” So you’re a vampire, vampire hunter? ” I questioned, ” I guess… How about you, I heard that little comment Trina made ” She stated. ” Yeah, I’m a hunter ” I exclaimed, ” Well that”s a shame, you’ll be tortured because of it ” she explained ” They hate hunters “. ” I could tell ” I sighed, ” Well hopefully, they don’t beat you around to bad ” she stated. I sat against the wall thinking about my friends and what they would think about this, it made me feel horrible because it was my fault that I was in this situation.

[ Some Hours Later ]

I heard a door open, I had actually dozed off so the noise woke me up. A different girl than before opened the door to my small room, she didn’t say anything she just looked at me. I heard the girl in the next room say ” Thats Jess, she doesn’t talk.. Ever “, I nodded ” Okay “. Jess held a tray of very little food out for me, I smiled at her ” No Thank you “. She pulled out a pad of paper and handed it to me, it read * You have to take it, if you don’t it’ll only make things worse *. I gave it back to her and shook my head, ” I’m not hungry and I don’t care ” I sighed. She looked down and nodded, before she left and locked up the door. ( These two little twins aren’t going to tell me what to do, I’d rather starve ), I could hear the door open in the next room. It wasn’t anything good, ” What? No, but they said ” the girl panicked. And then there was nothing but silence ( I’m guessing poisoning ), and that was that. I guess because she switched sides, they decided to kill her. After that I sat in the same place for hours, in the dark and the silence. I think I was just waiting for someone to come and kill me, but it didn’t happen. The door of my room swung open, letting in a lot of light. I shielded my eyes as they adjusted to the sudden change of light, one of the twins walked in. ( I didn’t know who was who yet ) He sat down in the only chair in the room, ” So.. ” he smirked. I glared at him, ” You’re going to deny food, you’re going to be that rude ” he chuckled. ” Oh this coming from someone who owns another person! ” I exclaimed, his cocky little smirked disappeared.         ” Well you’re the one who got caught ” he stated, ” I wouldn’t of had to hide if it weren’t your kind ” I spat. ” My kind? You don’t even know me ” he shouted, ” Oh and you fucking know me! So if you’re going to kill me or torture me, just get it over with will you ” I shouted back. At first he looked a little taken back, but then laughed ” Wow, you really do hate vampires “. I rolled my eyes ” No Shit “, he glared at me ” Well sorry to say, you’re stuck here and we’re not going to fucking kill you yet! But you’d better not deny anything else we try to give you, because let me warn you. Jack is worse than I am, he won’t think twice before hitting you “. ” I’m not afraid of either of you, so if you’re trying to scare me It’s not working ” I smiled, he shook his head. ” I’m not trying to scare you… dumb-ass ” he evilly chuckled. I took in another deep breath, what do I do now?


 Oh No Twin’s ( We all knew it ) I Hope you’ve Enjoyed this Chapter and Thank You so Much for Reading <3

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